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Ankle Foot Orthotics is a speciality of ours

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

Ankle-Foot-OrthoticsLifeCare’s greatest concern is healing with maximal comfort and support for all our clients. The process is driven by care for each person that walks through our doors, and the goal is to provide support, and in many cases it is some trauma or injury to the ankle or foot. For those looking for a real solution, it’s found a LifeCare through our work in the area of AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthotics).

The ankle and foot are parts of the body that take a lot of punishment from everyday tasks, and when issues arise, it might seem as if there isn’t much to accommodate. Trauma or injury can occur and leave anyone with a vast spectrum of pain or discomfort that they may not know where to turn to for relief. A family doctor will diagnose the issue, but what about the hardware and the support from those who deal with these cases everyday? The solution is Ankle-Foot Orthotics.

So, what is AFO?

It’s basically a brace or support device that is tailored to relief the pain and discomfort that can occur with injuries related to the ankle and the foot with an emphasis on the need for arch support. Ankle-Foot Orthotic braces immobilize that part of the body and help align the nerves and muscles to bring normalcy back to everyday mobility.

What makes LifeCare different?

Two distinctions make us the best.

One is that we work alongside your doctor or therapist, constantly assessing and providing comprehensive care to our clients. This brings specific, holistic, and acute care to each patient. Each case has its own intricacies and needs and we are willing and equipped to accommodate to bring personalized and supportive care every time.

The other is that we not only work with the therapist or doctor, but we tailor each AFO brace or support device to best heal and provide normalcy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to care at our clinic. We understand the uniqueness of each person and their needs, and we love the challenge to assist each person perfectly.

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