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Prosthetics for Kids

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

prosthetics-for-kidsThe goal at LifeCare Prosthetics & Orthotics is to bring a holistic healing process to anyone coming to us for help in prosthetic treatment. The keyword for us is “holistic” because what makes us unique is that we work alongside our clients through each part of the process in gaining function with their prosthetic or orthotic limb. We are there at the time of diagnosis, we custom make our limbs to each client, and we are there alongside each person in the process of their physical therapy. What makes this vital to regaining functionality is that sometimes new needs arise, and others diminish as steps are made.

But what makes us especially unique is our love for children. We not only work with adults of all ages, but with children as well, and at every level of development. Though it can be daunting, and in prosthetic situations with children there can be unique occurrences particular to their level of growth, we are experts in understanding and accommodating to what’s best for them.

And we understand that it is not just the child that is affected and needs guidance through this process. We work with the entire family to make physical therapy and custom orthotic designing as easy and as beneficial as possible.

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