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We can fit you for a fake limb

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

fake-limb2At LifeCare Prosthetics & Orthotics, it is one of our specialties to deal with prosthetics, or what is commonly referred to as fake limbs. We are experts in all stages of the process from diagnosis to the final step of the fake limb becoming fully functional. We are unique because we take the time to work with our clients in every part of the journey to healing.

First, it’s the initial evaluation of what should be done to bring about recovery through prosthetic treatment. It’s always a custom approach for us because every fake limb is unique: we understand that each client is different and their needs might vary.

Second, it’s the measurement and casting phase where the fake limb is ordered and formed to fit the client.

Next, the test-fitting phase where the approach is evaluated, tested, and reevaluated to see if the fake limb is ideal.

Last, there is a final fitting and a follow-up to see that the fake limb is working properly and now later complications arise.

Each of these steps are made with the help of LifeCare, our expertise and guidance will make this the most optimal healing experience for every client leaving no one dissatisfied with the work of LifeCare.

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