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Pediatric Prosthetics

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

pediatric-prostheticsLifeCare Prosthetics & Orthotics specializes in working with children in finding the best prosthetic solution to meet their needs. We take the time to work with every client in the most ideal and potentially reviving way. We are not naive to think that we can standardize an approach that works for every client because every client is different, and even within the process we have in providing prosthetic solutions there can be changes that occur that require expert knowledge and adaptation to make it the best experience for everyone.

And this is especially true for children. We love working with them, and we aim to bring understanding to both the child and the family of what is happening in all stages of receiving a prosthetic limb. We know the questions that can arise when a child begins to walk this road and it’s one of primary concerns to ease any doubt or confusion in what having a prosthetic limb entails.

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