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Walk aides made at Lifecare

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

walking-aide2At LifeCare Prosthetics & Orthotics, we try to find the best solution to our client’s needs, which means it could be a range of options that we have available to us. We specialize in providing custom care to each person, working with them at the initial stages of finding out what prosthetic or orthotic answer to their question will be ideal, and we custom fit, which will be evaluated and brought to completion in the final stages.

In the case of orthotics, which are support devices that help a person with mobility issues or comfort issues from anything from an injury to wear and tear, there can be many options as well. Walk aides, braces, etc. are the usual required support anyone with these issues.

It’s just a matter of contacting us, getting a diagnosis, and we will work with every client personally to provide a custom approach and solution to mobility issues. This is what makes LifeCare unique. We take the time to assess the process of being fitted for an orthotic brace or walk aide, which can go through several necessary steps in order to bring the best result to a person’s recovery and comfort. It’s this custom care and concern that makes LifeCare the best orthotic and prosthetic company in the DFW area.

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